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Moved Skin Caps to Blogger; LJ is Friends Only
adam lambert04
I've moved my main blog over to blogger, so all my skin caps are there. My fandom caps/graphics/squees are still on my LJ, as well as copies of my posts over at my main blog.

But everything is FRIENDS ONLY. Comment to be added.

ETA: And if you've been seeing my posts on LJ for the past month, you don't need to comment to be added...

Glad you liked it! *joins blog*

(Deleted comment)
But if we don't have to comment, how are we supposed to do our handwaving and "OMG PICK ME PICK ME!"?

following you on blogger too... have you found a way to reply directly to someone's comment on blogger yet, and in a way that they're notified of the comment-reply?

LOVE the friends-only badge, btw ;D

For the comment/email thing, no, but I really wasn't looking for that.

(Deleted comment)

Commenting, as requested.



Re: Can I be a friend?


Your updates were a pick-me-up.

Re: I hope I am included.


I want to be added too TT-TT
Please ^^

please add me. thanks! =)


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