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Objectifying Men in Pop Culture

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About My LJ

This journal is a place for me to post my screen captures of hot guys from TV and films, with an emphasis on the Sci-Fi/fantasy genre and soaps.


1. Absolutely no hotlinking!!!

2. Credit me if you use any of my caps for your art creations, like icons or wallpapers.

3. Please, comment with a link to your artwork post as well, just because I would really like to see them.

4. Link back if you repost my caps elsewhere.

Content Warning

Most posts are PG-13 content-wise of caps from shows on network television. However, some posts are rated R content-wise, and they will be marked as adult content. This is all a gay/slash friendly space, so there will be a lot of homoerotic pictures posted.

Spoiler Warning

I will post caps of any series after the episode airs in Pacific Time in the United States. If you watch shows later, don't friend me/visit my site. Snap at me for getting spoiled, and I will refer you to this section.

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